Website Development


website development

Websites are key part of any business’s identity and marketing efforts. Web development is the process of building and maintenance of website; it’s the process of making your online presence known to rest of the world . This happens behind the scenes to make a website look great, work fast and perform well on search engines and users with a seamless user experience.

We do this by using a variety content management systems or CMS. Our content management systems are easy to use and maintain. Once your website is ready and live, we can provide you the control of your own website, which would make it cheaper to maintain yourself.

A fast website is favored by users as well as search engines alike. So we use best and industry leading hosting providers to host your website.

We design your website in such a way that the customer journey is smooth and gets the tasks done for visitors and customers.What you see and use on a website, such as the visual aspect of the website, the images, the drop down menus and the text should all align the thought process of the visitor and increase confidence in your brand.

We integrating payment option on your website, so you can start receiving online orders and payments.

We can also integrate your website with your Amazon and Ebay seller accounts, so that when you upload/update a product on your website, it also syncs with your Amazon / Ebay marketplace products.

Website Development


Website can be viewed as a hub around which all other marketing efforts revolves. Imagine putting an advert on TV/ Radio or even news paper without a website?

In website development process, there are three aspects that must be addressed. Logical structured pages and navigation, aesthetic appeal and accuracy & efficiency of the website.

Before kicking off any website design project, we spend great deal of time understanding our client’s products / services and gathering requirements.

We use this information to create logically structured pages and navigation, which are easy to read, mobile friendly and easily accessible.

We also provide special attention to aesthetic appeal so that your website is a fun and exciting place for your users to hangout and get to know your products.

While covering the logical structure,aesthetic appeal and accuracy, we also pay close attention to the technical details so that your website is blazing fast, so that it loads on old /slow devices with poor internet connection,even when your users are on the go. We only use market leading fast hosting platform for your website so that your site is 100% available 24x 7 all year round, without any downtime. We integrate analytics with your website so that you are fully aware where your visitors are coming from, how did they come across your website, what do they do, what pages they visit, how long they spend on your website and so many other factors.

Unlike some other players in the market, we develop the website and do the SEO at the same time, so that our clients benefit from that from day 1. We do not charge separate fees for SEO to those clients who create new website with us / who relaunch their website with us.

If you want your marketing to head in the right direction with a website that looks great and generates leads for your business, please get in touch for a free, no obligation review and quote.

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