Too Many Visitors But Too Little Sales from Website or App ?

You built a  great fancy website and spent thousands in advertising and lots of visitors came to your site. But…sadly there is hardly any sales/bookings/ enquiries from the website. Its unfortunate but happens far too frequently . We have seen these scenarios  happening to many entrepreneurs and businesses.

For any website, it is important to be able to attract traffic. Web traffic can be acquired by putting unique, in-depth quality content on your page, by social media marketing, paid PPC campaigns etc.
Lets call these first time visitors as suspects. They are not sure if your company is legitimate, they are also unsure of quality of your products/service.
They are interested in your product/ service but hesitant to commit due to some reason.

Once you have decent amount of traffic to your website, we would expect to see some sales/bookings to pickup.

For example 1000 visitors but not a single person bought your product or filled up enquiry form or called your sales line. That would be a big problem if we are paying to get traffic but the visitors are going away without buying/booking/enquiring. Conversion Rate Optimisation is the process which makes sure that that visitors get all the information they are looking for.
It is also the process which leads the visitor in the desired direction in their online journey on your website.

There could be several reason behind not buying from your website. It could be the fact that the product customer wants is present on your website but takes efforts to find out. It could be down to lack of independent review of your products / services. Unclear product information, delivery charges, return policy, delivery dates and lack of motivation can all lead to poor conversion rate.
It could be a lengthy form which requires long time to fill up and the customers gives up before reaching the payment page.

It is important to note that the customer’s mind goes through many tick-boxes of micro ‘YES’ in their mind before committing to buying and touching their wallet/purse to confirm the purchase.
The webpage needs to be able to ‘talk’ and ‘guide’ like a real life sales person to help the visitor to complete their purchase on your website.

Conversion Rate Optimisation is particularly useful to help build trust in the mind of visitor, reduce shopping cart abandonment,

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