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Social Media Marketing


Let’s face is, most of us are hooked to social media site like Facebook, Instagram Snapchat, Twitter and Linked in to mention a few.

For marketing purposes, this is a golden opportunity to showcase your products and services to prospective clients who are browsing social media. Social media marketing can be used organically as well as paid methods can be used to promote your business on social media.

Fashion and Lifestyle services and products are very successfully using social media marketing in the market.

It’s a very powerful tool that needs to be used carefully. We have been doing social media marketing for our clients for number of years and they have been seeing an increase in their sales from social media.

Social Media marketing is a powerful tool that allows us, the marketers to precisely micro-target the prospects who are most likely become customers.

Social Media companies have gender, age and location and affluence details of their users. They allow online marketers to use these details on their platform to create rule based ads.

For Example, a newly launched Men’s grooming company want to make younger male population aware of their products.
With traditional marketing, this company may have approached news papers, magazines and billboards which can be seen by anyone(regardless of their gender and age) and there would be no way of tracking success of their advertisement or return on investment (ROI).

If this company uses social media platforms to market their products, they can specifically create ads which will only be shown to professional Men, who are under the age of 35 and live in South of England.

Moreover, when these prospect see and interact the ad for this particular grooming product, they can be encouraged to buy the product at a launch offer price or to request a free sample to try or a video can be shown explaining benefits of this new grooming product. All this activity can be tracked online and we can measure the effectiveness of our social media advertising campaigns.

Our advice is to start with a small budget , which is fully controllable as to how much you would like to spend per day and see how it goes. With growing success on social media campaign, you can anytime increase the advertising spend on social media.

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