Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is occupying top position on Search Engines for the keywords your customers are looking for (Free of cost, i.e without paying Search Engines to show your website). While developing your website, we do keyword and competitor analysis for you and use them while creating your website. We also make it easier to for Search Engines (like Google) to be able to read your web page, images and other assets.

The website should serve as a marketing tool itself and should be easy to find it on Search Engines. We make that possible by using sophisticated tool and techniques so that your customers can find you online, booking your revenue and profits. We regularly monitor your website rank for individual keyword and key phrases and also optimise your site for local searches.

Search Engines regularly visits each site that is active on the internet.Sites that keep adding fresh content more often are visited by search engines more frequently.
If you want to keep on top of search engines, it important to keep adding articles every now and then. There are more than 200 factors that determine your websites’s ranking on the search engine. Some of the important factors are as follows.

Factors that affect ranking of your website on Search Engines like Google and Bing

a) HTTPS (does your website provide secure connection?)
b) Age of the domain itself. (Old domains are trusted and ranked higher)
c) Is your website mobile friendly?
d) Does your website load under 2 seconds or less?
e) Is your website’s content authentic and unique?
f) Is your website up and running 24×7 ? Website with frequent down times are usually punished with lower rankings.
g) Is your URL structure easy to read and well structures with categories?
h) Do you provide breadcrumbs on your site for proper navigation to the users?
i) Does your website provide wealth of information that does NOT exist anywhere on the internet and the user spends long time absorbing this new found knowledge and learning from your site?
j) Are images and other assets on your site readable to search engine?
k) Search engines ‘read’ text from your website, if you have added your text on images, they can not read it at all, resulting in lower ranking.


We are regularly approached by clients who have already spent a huge sum on building a new site somewhere else, which doesn’t rank well on search engines. We help such clients by analysing the problems and making changes to their existing website so that the ranking improves (without changing aesthetics of the website) . We also re-build websites from scratch which are SEO compliant right from day one.

If you want your site to rank higher, contact us for a no obligation quote!

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