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Google Ads is a paid tool from Google to show your website to prospective client. Google ads can be shown for Google search results, Youtube (video and text) Ads and also as display ads.

We provide Google ads services, which includes keyword research, account setup, ad creation, bid management, monitoring of incoming traffic quality and detailed analysis of their online behaviour on your site.

Google Ads is a very effective tool for clients who are looking for instant traffic to their website or app. The Google ads service gives full control such as how much you want to spend daily/monthly basis,  when to show your ads and also allows to choose demographics precisely.

Google ads allows you to start, pause and stop your campaigns even from their mobile app. There are many success stories for Google Ads and many of our clients benefited by using this service while we improved their natural ranking using SEO.

With recent changes, google search pages have changed. Earlier, first three results used to be paid results but now, Google has increased that to four ads. This means there are greater chances that the consumer/user would click on the paid listing and may not reach up to 4th listing (which is organic natural listing). This means even if your website’s ranking is organically number 1, you would be loosing out on traffic if you are not doing paid advertisement on Google.

Apart from Search ads, Google allows text/image ads, which automatically appear on other websites, which has a relevant content. If you are visiting bike related website, it is a great marketing approach to show you bike related advertisement on that website. Google has followed this very principle and using their Adsense tool for publishers, it serves relevant ads.

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